Yurts And Accommodation

Yurt actually means ‘home’ in Turkish and is a traditional Turkic structure, still home to many people in Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Kirgizistan and other Turkic republics. Our yurts are comfortable and well appointed with wooden floors, doors, electricty and ‘proper’ beds. They adjust to the ambient tempertaure, so are cool at night so you can sleep in comfort. You can see the stars from your bed through the roof wheel known as ‘the eye of heaven’. The twelve yurts accomodate a maximum of 26 people in single, twin, double or triple accommodation.

There are also four safari tents, with a similar level of comfort but smaller, which can be used as single accommodation or for assistants or therapists.

The studio cottage can accommodate two, as can the Summer House which has partially open sides which look out over the top of the trees and yurts.

Bathroom and shower facilities are shared, and are conveniently placed around the site. They are kept immaculately clean and hot water is supplied by solar power.
In total there is accommodation for 30.