The Huzur Valley Story

Like every successful business Huzur Valley ( Peaceful Valley) has got such a fantastic story to tell.

The Huzur Vadisi story begins in 1993, or it may be more correct to say it actually began in 1965, as that was when Eric and Rita Worrall took their young family to live in Istanbul. That was when Jane and Ian, then aged eleven and five, two of the former Huzur Vadisi partners, began their relationship with Turkey. It was to bring them back to the country of their childhood, decades later with a plan to create a special place for people to visit and enjoy an authentic experience of Turkey.

This was the beginning. They came to Gocek looking for a location to make their dream into reality and it was there they met Tanfer and his family. Together they decided to create the new venue at Tanfer’s old family home in Gokceovacik village, 8 kilometres from the coast up in the mountains. A beautiful old farmhouse with hectares of olive trees, and nestling in a peaceful valley surrounded by pine forest, the location is spectacularly beautiful and peaceful. They needed to think of a name for the valley, which could be pronounced easily in English, and came up with the name Huzur Vadisi, which means ‘Peaceful Valley’. In the intervening years the area was eventually surveyed, and the official name of the valley on maps is now Huzur Vadisi, named after

The two families, English and Turkish, came together to build and support each other in creating the Huzur Vadisi that we see today. Tanfer’s parents Sevket and Saliha, and his brothers Ozgur and Dindar, and his sister Sevgi all played their part.

Ian had worked in ecological projects and brought his knowledge of appropriate technology and traditional architecture to provide a guiding principal in the development of the authentic look and feel of Huzur Vadisi. Tanfer brought his special engineering, carpentry, wall building and gardening skills to the project.



Starting out with little capital the three business partners were very involved, literally building and running the Huzur Vadisi you see today with their own hands, with some help from local artisans. As time progressed and the business grew, they moved on from doing everything themselves, to employing people to clean and cook and do the airport transfers, and Jane concentrated more and more on the administration, while Ian and Tanfer managed the venue.

From humble beginnings, Huzur Vadisi came to be known as one of the top five yoga retreats in the world, its unique location, great service and hospitality, not to mention longevity and knowledge, created a very special experience for their guests. They ran very successfully for many years, turning away many enquiries, until eventually their waiting list dictated they ought to expand their operations. So several years ago they started sending groups to other specially selected venues. Ian manages the other venue in Turkey, and for several years Tanfer, a qualified yoga teacher, has very successfully managed Huzur Vadisi, while combining it with his second career as a talented artist.

In 2017 it became apparent that a change of direction was needed, and Ian and Jane agreed to sell their share of Huzur Vadisi to Tanfer and his family, to return the land to their family ownership.

In return Tanfer gave up his part in the business operations and the Huzur Vadisi name. So now the venue has a slightly different name, but continues to be the same beautiful and peaceful venue, run just as efficiently and well by Tanfer and his wonderful team, including his sister Sevgi who works her magic in the kitchen. They look forward to a new era combining the traditional Huzur Vadisi experience with a new direction, opening their doors to yoga visitors and other groups with the new business name and website.

They look forward to welcoming you to the Peaceful Valley!