Food makes an important contribution to the enjoyment of your holiday. We provide fresh, locally sourced and seasonal produce, olive oil, fesh vegetables, salads, pulses, pasta, rice cheeses, yogurt and egg dishes are served buffet style with plenty of choice, with fruit muesli, preserves, cheese, eggs, olives and home made bread for breakfast.

You are welcome to make your own teas and coffee throughout the day at our well stocked tea table.

Some produce is grown on site… organic and super fresh, including olives, oil and vegetables. Vegetarian by default, fish, chicken or meat dishes can be provided once or twice in the week if requested.

Special Diets

Some special diets can be accommodated, but please check with us first. We can cater for people with food allergies or intolerances, although please note gluten free flours and bread are not yet available locally in Turkey, nor are the usual substitutes for dairy. Imported soya milk is available and can be provided for people with dairy intolerance, but we don’t provide it simply as a preference.

There is a wide enough selection of dishes for most people to eat well, but we suggest bringing gluten free bread or snacks, or any other specialities with you if you think you’ll need them. The diet is vegetarian by default, but we can offer fish, chicken or meat once or twice during the week if requested.
If you have an allergy to a particular ingredient, let us know, and a separate dish can be made for you. However, if you have a severe reaction to an allergen, in which a very small amount i.e. on a kitchen knife or surface can trigger a reaction, we cannot guarantee to be free of cross contamination. Also if you have a long list of things you can’t eat, it may not be possible to cater for you.

Alcohol And Bar : we are happy to provide wine, beer or spirits if you wish to make it part of your yoga holiday, using an honesty bar system.